November 1 love horoscope

Doers, rather than thinkers, offense rather than defense, as soon as they have completed one challenge they throw themselves wholeheartedly into the next.

Astrology of November 1 2018

These people are up for any challenge life can throw at them because the excitement and uncertainty taxing situations offer them make them feel alive. If they find a way to satisfy their hunger for adventure and stimulation, their boundless energy and vital spark give them the power and potential to make things happen. If, however, they find themselves in an environment where they do not need to be in battle mode, they can sink into despondency, even depression. They tend to be honest and outspoken individuals, willing to offer their opinion on anything.

November 1 Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality |

Although their self-confidence is admirable, it does not always help them achieve their goals because one thing they can lack is good judgment. They may, for example, take dangerous risks or underestimate or misinterpret people and situations, and their inability to listen to the sound advice of others, even those who are experts in their field, can work against them. In other words, they make excellent quarterbacks, but very poor defenders, and in tough situations their lack of defensive strategy can leave them wide open to attack.

Until the age of twenty-one they may come across as intense and serious, but after the age of twenty-two they break out of their shell and their adventurous nature shines through. They want to take more chances and challenge themselves in new areas to build up their sense of purpose.

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Whatever age they are, their courageous spirit and expansive outlook give them remarkable potential to extend the bounds of human knowledge. But to become the inspirational and influential force they are destined to be, self-knowledge and a powerful dose of common sense are crucial. People born on November 1 Zodiac are magnetic and exciting, and can make friends easily. Although they are in great demand, they can have difficulty in choosing a partner because they have incredibly high expectations.

They want someone who is passionate and supportive, but need to watch out for jealousy and controlling behavior. Once they do find someone who is their physical and intellectual equal, the effect on them is grounding and positive. People born on this day are injury and accident prone and, as in all aspects of their lives, better judgment and common sense are required. Not surprisingly, vigorous exercise is highly recommended for them as it provides an outlet for their astonishing energy. They will naturally drift toward activities that are competitive, in particular football, soccer, baseball, and basketball.

Other activities that might appeal include martial arts, boxing and mountain climbing, but they need to make sure they take proper precautions and exercise caution. As far as diet is concerned, moderation is key as they tend to eat whatever is available to them, rather than thinking or planning their diet to maximize their chances of good health.

November 1 Zodiac

The Moon beings a two and a half day transit in the sign of Cancer. This is a happy placement for emotional strength building. The Moon rules the sign of Cancer, and what can be learned during this time is how to grow more securely within your own heart when it comes to love. The Moon communicates with Uranus and Saturn today, and these outer planets remind that you can't always be in control of your external surroundings. You can't always determine what will happen tomorrow but you can manage your reaction.

The desire to have things be the way you'd like them to be is felt, but when that doesn't happen how will you handle the situation?

Love Horoscope for Wednesday, October 09, 12222

The Sun is in the sign of Libra, and this brings attention to the word 'relationships'. When you think of the word relationship, to you see how it also includes yourself. Each person has a connection to themselves, but like you can feel disconnected from another human being, you can have that same sense within yourself. Today, there's an opportunity to reconnect your physical body with your spiritual one.

Cancer, what you want in love may have some personal meaning more today, but it will be up to you to define it for others. Gain clarity before spelling it out. If you find words difficult to come by, take the time you need to gather thoughts and put things into perspective. Pisces, if love is the answer, what is the question? For you, it may be romance and fun.

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Today, and the next few days your heart will want to explore more love and adventure. Take time to be fully present and stop to smell the roses. Scorpio, do something that's unpredictable today. Go off the beaten path and explore your options. Chances are that you've been sitting on the fence regarding a particular situation related to your love life. Take a small step to break inaction.

Venus enters Sagittarius

Gemini, a tiny voice may be heard today but you'll need to let yourself have some quiet time to hear it. Your desire to hear that inner voice may be met with some resistance. Don't let the need to rush make you miss a golden opportunity.

Aquarius, getting physical and fit can help you to find a happy balance between feeling alive and falling in love.