Libra soul mate compatibility

If Gemini thinks Libra and Gems are soulmates forever. Its probably because Libras are forgiving understanding and Love love. And Geminis think they can keep cheating and Libra will always stay and love them. Libras are not weak we observe and see really just how much u say you care by your actions. You'll never know what a hurt Libra is thinking or feeling inside.

Just because you think your getting over your not. Thats why when Libras leave they dnt return. They probably watched you hurt them over and over again without showing just how much its hurting them.

Libra and Scorpio Love Compatibility

If a girl keeps taking you back after cheating so mucb she probably joined you. Once trust is broken, its not a fun relationship experience. My first boyfriend was a Gemini, and I have many Gemini friends with whom I get along with amazingly. It's always this instant rapport.

Libra and Gemini Love Compatibility - Twin Flame / Soulmate

Love their wit, sense of humor, varied interests, and they radiate something that makes me feel so comfortable and unrestrained when I'm with them. But at the end of the day, I find that their need for constant excitement and variability just doesn't sit well with me. I can't see myself getting romantically involved with another Gemini or any other air sign, for that matter.

I have never seen this coupling life.. Gemini is a "no-no". Just meh Sags are interesting.

Taurus and Libra

I'd try and tame an Aries just for the sake of it. Posted by Insertusername Yeah soulmates as in you grow from it but it's too treetrunked up to really work long term. I really deeply hate cheaters! I hate Gems' proclivity towards cheating.

Compatibility for Gemini and Libra | LoveToKnow

I need stability, and they are too unstable, and inconsistent. Our chemistry was pretty good. She was unlike all the other girls in my life at the time. She was laid back.

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Didn't force things or pressure me. She didn't call everyday and when we did talk it wasnt about being in a relationship. We just chilled. Sometimes she would disappear. That last part is the toughest aspect of flirting because Libra's natural tendency is to take the romance to the fullest and see where it leads. That's not to say people of this sign can't be loyal. If they meet the right person, a Gemini for instance, they can have a super time flirting with each other because when it comes to sexual banter, Gemini holds the title.

Excitement is Libra's mainstay in life. These people need stimulation, and although they do have their Zen moments, chances are they're really looking for the next exciting tryst to feed their romance addiction. Librans don't confuse romance for love like other signs. They have a sophisticated outlook on love and romance that makes it easy for them to have a little extramarital affair and not place a great deal of importance on it.

After all, it was simply a case of romance, certainly not love. All Librans need to pursue a new love interest is a little wink or smile. It isn't that they're fickle, but that they're interested in exploring new sensations with other people.

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Librans are like wine connoisseurs and need a little taste to see what they might be missing. It's the only way they can learn and become a connoisseur of the heart. Air and fire signs are the most likely matches for Libra. Libra may be publicly embarrassed a few times by Aquarius' disregard for other people's opinions. In fact, water bearers could care less what anyone else thinks about the way they do things. Libra will have to get used to this quirk in Aquarius' makeup, because this characteristic won't change, not even for a wonderful adoring Libra.

Libra Soulmate

This couple's erotic sex life more than makes up for any hiccups in their relationship. Aries is an old friend of conflict and confrontation, so you'd best be prepared for a few rough waves.

The sensual side of Aries will blind you to the brutal truth that this is a person of action.