January 5 scorpio horoscope

By October, when Mercury and Venus in your sign trine Neptune in Pisces, you and your significant other are more likely to be on the same wavelength. After March 6, when Uranus moves into Taurus, things should settle down into something relatively stable.

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Another factor in the career chaos has been the Leo eclipses, starting back in But at the lunar eclipse on January 20, this game-changing chapter comes to a close. Say your last goodbyes to an old dream, goal, or project—completed or not—and set your sights in a new direction.

Yes, that could mean more money.

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Anyway, with Jupiter squaring Neptune three times January 13, June 16, and September 21 , you may not be so clear-headed about money matters this year. On December 2, Jupiter moves into thrifty Capricorn—so if you want to make the good times last, try to stay within your budget! Use the social and creative energy of this Three Year to live your happiest life.

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You are fully armed with intention and the magnificent ability to make whatever it is you want to happen occur simply because you are methodically strategizing your way to getting it. Let other people be led by life.

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You are the master of your fate, dear Scorpio. Part of how you will be in the driver's seat has to do with a gorgeous Solar Eclipse on January 5 that will land in your communication sector. This eclipse is closely linked to Saturn, the planet of structure and durability. Basically, your mind is sober, sharp, and armed for battle.

You know that knowledge is power, but it is also your wisdom and ability to make decisions without second-guessing yourself that will give you true authority in some way this month.

You might make a solid business decision that leads you into a whole new position of authority in your profession. If you are signing contracts connnected to a business endeavor, then be sure to wait until after this eclipse.

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Success is yours for the taking! A new job or assignment is very possible in January. If that's the case, it's likely to come to you in the most unexpected way. Uranus turns direct in your work sector on January 6, right on the heels of this spectacular eclipse.