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Skip to content. Related Posts. Previous Article Decoding the Nakshatras. Satabisha - Rahu Purva Bhadrapada - Jupiter Uttara Bhadrapada - Saturn Revati - Mercury. Whichever house the planet is the karaka of those houses will become active as well. The house which the planet rules in the horoscope will become the focus of life and will become active. The house in which the planet sits in will express the issues related to the house it rules. The sign placement of the planet will show in which form the person will experience those things. The nakshatra in which the planet sits in will give results of the placement of nakshatra lord.

The person will become more like the planet simply means that the personality of the person will be taking on the astrological qualities of the planet. If a person is running through MD of Saturn, which is a 19 year time period, the person will become more serious, mature, wise, more of a workaholic, will feel old, may get grey hairs, and will start loving older, classical and antique things. If a person is going through the time period of Mercury, 17 years then they will become more jolly, fun, communicative, desiring to have a social circle, perhaps will educate themselves or attain a higher education, take some certification course, or write a book.

If Venus period is operating then the person wants to become creative, artistic, feminine, and experience more of the luxury and pleasures of life. They will be surrounded by more women than men. Even if a lawyer or doctor goes through the time period of Venus they will be inclined to take on creative activities, whether its painting or playing a piano. Jupiter period makes a person sometimes too optimistic, philosophical and a natural teacher, they feel hopeful, inspired and yearn to learn wisdom.

They love to. The Moon will make a person more motherly, emotional, attached to home and mother. They will be extra nourishing to everyone they love. The Mars time period of 7 years will make the person extremely competitive, aggressive and technical. They will seek to win every opportunity they get in life, and in such times they will either benefit from male siblings and friends or will go against them.

Many men who run through Mars mahadasha in late teen and early 20's will probably want to join the army, police, navy or become an athlete. Rahus period of 18 years can be quite an unorthodox period. One will be free spirited, ambitious, wanting to break the rules and law and perhaps be part of activity that might be considered taboo in current society.

They may go into research based studies and travel to spiritually isolated places. If Rahu and Ketu become part of a Raj Yoga in the birth chart then these same planets can give material and political success. In astrology each planet is a holder or the permanent landlord of a certain house regardless of which house it rules in your ascendant or where it's placed. During their MD, AD, PD period you will deal with not only the houses the planet rules, but the house it's a "karaka" of aka significator.

Below is the table of the planet being karaka of certain houses. Regardless of which houses the planet is placed in or which house it rules it will also activate the houses rule by that planet. If Jupiter in Libra ascendant rules the 3rd, and 6th house while it's sitting in the 10th house; it will also bring about situations related to 2nd, 5th, 9th and 11th house which is family, wealth, speech, children, education, long distance travel, higher education, father, friends, gains, hopes, desires and organizations.

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If Saturn MD is operating then regardless of its placement it will bring about situations related to 6th, 8th and 12th house which is debts, diseases, transformation, occult, secrets, bed pleasures, foreign lands, isolation and dealing with the outer world. The house which the planet rules in the horoscope will become the focus of life. In astrology the planets rule zodiac signs. Most rule 2 signs each while the Sun and Moon only rule one sign.

This is astrology which I am hoping you already know, if you don't then read my book Astrology The Speed of Light. Depending on which ascendant you are, a planet will control a certain house because that house will have that planet's sign placed in it. When the mahadasha of a certain planet starts, whichever house that planet rules, those houses will start bringing situations to you regarding their agenda.

If you are a Cancer ascendant then Jupiter will rule the 6th and 9th house. This means for 16 years the person will be dealing with service, enemies, obstacles, debts, higher wisdom, philosophy, long distance travel, post grade education and coming across spiritual gurus, which are foundational meanings of these two houses. Jupiter as you know brings over optimism and a broad sense of thinking in the individual's personality; these folks in any condition will be optimistic about dealing with all the situations related to 6th and 9th house.

They will be dealing with authorities, bosses, reputation, father, law, morality, higher philosophy, long distance travel, spiritual wisdom and post grad education. Since Saturn is a straight forward serious planet, the person will be facing all these situations with due-diligence, discipline and organized skills.

They will be extremely practical about their reputation in public life, and what they learn because what they learn must come into use in the practical world. But due to Mars being active you will be extremely aggressive, to the point of becoming competitive about achieving such goals. This is because for Aries Mars rules the 1st and 8th house. Just imagine the activation of mahadashas as the activation of a certain energy or aura that comes over you like a plague. You know you can't escape but you embrace it.

This bullet point simply means that when a planet is activated, the houses it rules are activated. Depending upon which house the planet is sitting in, the native will experience things related to its houses through the house where the planet is sitting in. Doesn't make sense? If you are a Cancer ascendant and you are going through a 16 year period of Jupiter, then which houses will be activated in its time period? This means for 16 years you will be dealing with service, enemies, obstacles, debts, higher wisdom, philosophy, long distance travel, post grade education and coming across spiritual gurus; all of which are cornerstone meanings of these two houses.

If Jupiter is sitting in the 7th house then that means you will experience things of 6th and 9th houses through the 7th house. You will be dealing with obstacles, enemies, diseases, higher wisdom, philosophical knowledge, and meeting spiritual gurus through partnerships, relationships and marriage. There would be natural disagreements in the marriage or with the marriage partner. Your marriage partner might be your guru. You may have to face litigation in court houses to solve a dispute since the 7th house represents court houses. You may be guiding and. But will the person face all the things, or certain ones, or will he or she face everything at the same time?

That's the question you must be asking. All of these details will be discussed in later chapters. Whether you will experience everything, or some of the things depends upon the condition of the planet, the sub periods antar dasha and transits of planet coming at the right time. The above statement simply means what kind of a jacket or coat is the planet wearing. How are they expressing themselves? Imagine if you are a planet but you have a certain sense of style; maybe you are Goth and wear all black and love dark demonic stuff along with dark punk rock music or you are a hippy with long hair and a beard with some grass in your pocket, perhaps you love wearing sweat pants and shirts because you are a natural athlete.

All of these qualities simply means how you are expressing yourself. Sun in the sign of Libra means that the Sun is wearing the outfit of Libra. Mars in Gemini in your horoscope shows that Mars is wearing a jacket and hat of Gemini. The sign in which the planet is placed in is how they express themselves through those signs.

I have already made a video on planets in signs on my Youtube channel. For example, if Mars is in Gemini in your horoscope it shows that you love to rush and gather information before anyone gets it, you have too many ideas that you want to aggressively pursue. You want to compete with everyone regarding who has the correct information. If Mars is in Gemini in the 3rd house, this shows us that one competes with their siblings and friends. They will make countless arguments to satisfy their evidence.

If you are an Aries ascendant and Mars is in the 3rd house in Gemini, this shows that your personality and your agenda in life is to expose secret information by doing investigative journalism, or someone who wants to know secrets of other people and be the first one to announce it to the world like a paparazzi.

This means in the mahadasha of Mars, in such a position, will incline you to be rushing towards gaining access to secret documents and information to use it for your advantage. If the Sun is in Libra in your 3rd house, this means you are a Leo ascendant. The Sun is wearing the outfit of Libra and it shows that one's ego, self-esteem and confidence will be shine through by creative expression, artistry and artistic self-expression.

This is because the Sun rules the 1st house of self while expressing himself in the 3rd house of media and skills with ones hands. In the MD of the Sun, one will suddenly find themselves collecting information, putting their own effort into making money, and wanting to do creative things or take on artistic hobbies. Since the Sun represents the father it shows that one's father could damage one's effort towards work if the Sun is close to its maximum debilitation which is 10 degrees of Libra.

In other degrees Sun will simply show that the father will be involved with creating business deals, relationships with siblings and helping the individual to express themselves. The nakshatra in which the planet sits in will give results of the placement of the nakshatra lord. This is a fairly unique concept. Nakhsatras are the constellations working behind the scenes of the zodiac signs. I have covered in- depth details on nakshatras on my channel so please watch those videos before going further into this book.

Most of the zodiac signs have Aries zodiac. In which nakshatra your planet is placed in depends upon the degrees in which your planet is placed in your horoscope. All these details are given on my channel and website. If you are a Leo ascendant with the Sun in the 3rd house in the sign of Libra and nakshatra of Vishaka, what this means is that the Sun is at a certain degree of the Libra zodiac sign where this nakshatra of Vishaka is working behind the scenes.

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This means the Sun must be between 20 degrees all the way to 3. Vishaka nakshatra is ruled by Jupiter. We now have to look for the placement of Jupiter. Let's assume Jupiter is sitting in the 9th house. What does this mean? This means, the person will not only deal with issues with the father, power struggles with siblings while pursuing traveling related to contracts, business partnerships or creativity, but the person will be seeing the effects of the 9th house and may travel to a long distance place for religious, educational or work purposes. What is happening is the Sun starts to act like Jupiter but in a more Solar way.

Imagine the Sun wearing the outfit of Libra but has the undershirt and underwear of Jupiter; internally he feels philosophical, spiritual, and like a teacher. In Sun MD the person will find a guru either in a long distance place, ashram or at their university. I will also add that I tend to mash the KP Astrology method while reading the result of the dasha lord. The dasha lord is set to give results of the houses of the nakshatra lord it sits in including where the nakshatra lord is placed.

For example: If Jupiter is in Uttara Phalguni nakshatra in the 1st house that means the nakshatra is ruled by the Sun. Let's say the Sun is in the sign of Virgo in the 9th house while the Sun rules the 8th house. Jupiter in it's dasha will give results of 12th, 3rd, 8th and 9th house through the 1st house placement. Try this and you will never fail. The same analysis can be used for antar dasha, pratyantar , sookshma and prana lord dasha. Each planet sits in a certain nakshatra in a birth chart but each nakshatra has four padas. Padas are important determining factors in understanding how long the native's first MD will be and when the trigger point of the planetary MD will be felt.

If you were born with the Moon in Leo, in the 4th pada of Magha nakshatra, this means you started your life from the end point of Ketu MD. If you were born in the 2nd pada of Magha nakshatra, then you would start your life from the middle of Ketu's period of 7 years. But knowing which pada each planet is placed in will show at which point the planet will give his or her results at its maximum.

If you are running the MD of Jupiter in your life, look at Jupiter in your birth horoscope and see which pada it's sitting in. For example, lets say Jupiter is sitting in pada 2 of Uttara Bhadrapada nakshatra while you're running your Jupiter MD from the age of Knowing the Jupiter period is of 16 years, you will really feel the effect of that Jupiter in the horoscope towards the end of 16th year, or perhaps from the year period when you will be 41 to Depending upon how Jupiter is situated, these results will either be felt positively or negativity.

This is a little different than the Sun or Moon hora concept. If you are born during the day or before sunset then the Sun, Venus and Jupiter become strong regardless of their placement in the horoscope. If you are born after sunset, then Moon, Mars and Saturn become strong.

If you're born during sunrise or sunset then Mercury becomes strong. This will impact the implication of MDs for the native. As an example, if you are going through your Saturn MD and you are born between sunset and the next sunrise then Saturn naturally becomes strong. From 7pm to 4 am Saturn is naturally strong. This doesn't mean if you are born in day time Saturn is not strong, but there is a natural strength and accumulated strength through sign, house, nakshatra, varga and ashtakavarga.

If you are born between Sunrise to Sunset as in 6 am to 6 pm then Sun, Jupiter and Venus naturally become strong. Even if Venus is debilitated it's capable of finding strength within itself to love, and have selfless devotion. However if Venus does not have accumulated strength as per the house, nakshatra, varga position Venus will still have the ability to win and reach its highest of purity through native's own will power. When I see someone born at night I know they have to work extra hard to work on their confidence, self-esteem and ego due to Sun naturally being on the dark side.

Even an exalted Sun will have a tough time exposing its strength at first, but over time they come out shining. Mercury is naturally strong during Sunrise and Sunset because logically you can see Mercury during these early and late afternoon time with your telescope if it's rotating in front of your horizon. Mercury also represents change of time due to its dual.

Whichever planetary MD you are running through all of its aspect become activate. In astrology all physical planets Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn have 7th aspect meaning they look directly opposite to their placement in the house. When their MD runs that particular aspect becomes active and alive. Jupiter 5, 7, 9 aspect. Jupiter will always aspect 5th, 7th, and 9th place from wherever he sits. Saturn 3, 7, 10 aspect. Saturn will always aspect 3rd, 7th and 10th place from itself where ever it sits.

Please read my book Aspects the speed of light to understand aspect and they work. All aspects are counted counter clock wise. In Jupiter period image 6th, 8th and 10th house having bright yellow light of Jupiter hitting upon them. This can show one will have blessings to pay their debts of and win over enemies and overcome their illnesses 6th house. There will be less sudden dramatic events, surgeries, or hidden enemies while one will find great hidden knowledge during this period 8th house.

The career will always feel blessed, even if someone loses a job they will find another job soon after and their reputation will always be protected no matter how bad the situation is. What are alternative ascendants? Alternative ascendants are used to judge planetary MDs as well as Antar and Pratyantar dasas through different ascendants like your main birth ascendant, Moon ascendant, Sun ascendant, Jupiter ascendant, or also making the current MD lord the ascendant.

In Parashara Hora Shashtra it's said to check for events not just from one ascendant but from other places as well to confirm the event. But also the reason why we check through different placements is because with bad times you can also run into good times. In Vedic astrology, the Moon ascendant becomes equally important to your birth ascendant as we can read the chart from the moon and predict just as accurately, including using transits.

Then, the Sun is the third option as we see how the ego of the native will be effected by a certain MD. Making Jupiter the ascendant is also important as Jupiter is the Jeeva karaka, karaka of "Life", this is why Jupiter controls Biology and all living existence on this planet. Just switch the chart to Aquarius ascendant with Saturn in the ascendant and look for planetary placements of your birth chart from Saturn. But if from the Moon, Saturn is in the 9th house, this can also show that one does very well academically, spiritually and has good luck during this MD.

If Saturn is in the 5th house from the Sun then it shows great academic achievements, interest in politics, or birth of children to improve the status of the native. But to see how the individual's personality is going to be, and how other antar dashas will reach and how their results will be you will also want to judge the horoscope by making Saturn the ascendant lord. One thing to understand here is that you should also judge your dhan yog and raj yogas from making Saturn the ascendant lord as well. All dhan yogas and Raj yogas occurring from Saturn will come alive during it's dasha; especially during the transit of major planets over those yogas.

Planets in the nakshatra of the MD lord will also activate themselves. In Vedic Astrology Nakshatras are also ruled by planets and when a certain MD is running, let's assume Jupiter MD, then any planet in the birth chart sitting in the nakshatra of Jupiter will also activate themselves and situations related to that planet.

Jupiter rules the nakshatra of Punravasu, Vishaka, and Pruva Bhadrapada. If any planet is in any one of these nakshatras then they will. He also gave a lecture on this on my Youtube channel. I found this to be quite accurate and helpful during my own research and studies. If you are a Cancer ascendant and you are running through the MD of Ketu who is sitting in the 8th house; this can show someone might suddenly find themselves being involved in occult, mysticism, or secret underground worlds.

If the person has the Sun, Mars, Saturn and Mercury in the 10th house in the sign of Aries but nakshatra of Ashwini, which is ruled by Ketu, then suddenly the 10th house will come alive with all these planets. Usually people suffer in Ketu MD and feel isolated, but in this case one can suddenly find themselves in a leadership position, receiving sudden benefit from government or becoming a government leader.

If one is going through the time period of Venus, of 20 years, and you have planets in your horoscope sitting in the nakshatra of Purva Phalguni, Bharani or Purva Ashada which are Venus' nakshatra; then all those planets will come alive and start giving their results at that time. Varga Vimshopak is a concept which takes the strength of each of the planets in the divisional charts and shows us how strong a planet is in terms of giving its results.

When we look at Varga Vimshopak, I personally have found only a few divisional charts we must pay attention to. D9 is the heart of the planet, the strength of their health, D3 shows the courage of planets and willingness to fight the battle, D7 shows the manifestation of planets and how strongly they can manifest your desires, D4 is what the planet is destined for, D10 reveals what success the planet will give professionally, and the D60 shows the ultimate strength of the planets.

When analyzing the divisional charts, always look at the conjuncts and aspects of other planets and once you have seen all the charts then with your intelligence make the decision of what impact the planet will have in the native's chart. Do not go on automatic calculations given by the software, they are not taking a lot of things into account as I mentioned here. You must use your divine intelligence whenever deciding the shadbala and varga vimshopak strength. Perhaps in future the software will become as sufficient as a human astrologer. It's a concept that takes the day and time you will enter your new dasha and puts the exact planetary placement upon your birth ascendant like a snapshot of the sky.

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This is the concept that shows the foundation of the coming dasha and how it will operate along with which house it will really effect based on which sign the dasha lord is currently transiting in. You must look at the aspects, conjunctions and yogas being formed in the chart.

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This technique sets the tone of the dasha regardless of how the planet is in your horoscope. This is why perhaps you may see an exalted planet giving ill results despite having high shad bala and ashtakavarga points. This is why it takes a super brain to really decode this super science.

Many who learn jyotish get discouraged due to such in-depth analysis and knowledge but it's like being a chef; you can't make a dish from only 5 spices. You need to know about hundreds of spices and ingredients to really become a top chef. Sub-periods are mini periods of planets that come within the major time period of a planet. If you are going through a 6 year time period of the Sun then in that period other planets will come into play to do their part and bring other house situations alive. This is why in one single MD we experience everything but the main theme is always the MD.

There are about 4 major sub-periods within an MD. What are Antar Dashas? We will refer to Antar Dashas as AD to make things easier. AD are the sub periods that come within a MD. This is why we as human beings do not just experience one situation give by one planet; sub periods bring us other situations within our major agenda given by the MD.

This will bring situations related to many other houses. The time of birth has to be extremely accurate for these last two periods to be studied, a few minute difference can throw your prediction off by weeks. Let's still assume that Jupiter is in the 9th house in the sign of Aries. But Mars is in the 7th house in the sign of Aquarius. Sun rules the 1st house and Mars rules the 4th and 9th house. What will this time period bring? In such periods, especially the 6 years of the Sun, he or she will be doing a lot of short distance traveling, as well as or including long distance travel since the Sun is in the nakshatra of Jupiter; who is in the 9th house of long distance travel.

They might be dealing with authoritative figures, father related issues, issues with siblings, or experience a creative time period. But Marss time period comes into play for 4 months. Since Mars is in the 7th house the person will also have to deal with the issues of relationships, marriage or partnerships.

Since Mars rules the 4th and 9th house, Mars will give results of the 4th and 9th houses while wearing the costume of Aquarius. This placement of Mars will show issues related to relationships will arise due to involvements of the mother and traveling. There will be power struggles felt in a relationship due to home, mother and gurus. Also, this period can show the mother traveling away from home in search for a person's partnership or due to property related.

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This can also show your spouse or partner will travel since Mars rules the 9th house. We also have to take into account the nakshatra of Mars. If Mars is sitting in the nakshatra of Satabhisha which is ruled by Rahu, we have to see where Rahu is placed. If Rahu is placed in the 2nd house then Mars will not only bring the issues of the 4th and 9th house through 7th house but will also give results of the 2nd house which is the house of family, assets, earnings and banking. In Sun MD and Mars AD, the person can experience gains through property related issues, or through the spouse or mother.

This is a positive period because Rahu is sitting in the house of money, wealth and savings. What about the dispositor of Sun and Mars? How does the zodiac sign lords placement affect this? Sun in Libra means that Venus becomes the dispositor and Mars in Aquarius means Saturn becomes the dispositor. This determines the positive, negative and neutral results of the given time periods. Dispositors are like nakshatras lords but with a louder voice.

Dispositors are like a foundation of the planet. If the foundation of the house is weak the house can fall or will be very unstable to live in, putting the person in constant fear of having the roof fall on their head. This also sets the tone on how the planet will behave by seeing which sign their dispositors are placed in.

If Jupiter is in the sign of Leo and nakshatra of Maga in the ascendant, while the Sun is in the sign of Libra and nakshatra lord Ketu is in the 8th house in Pisces, how will the MD of Jupiter be? In the MD of Jupiter the person will not only want to do creative things like cinema, acting, directing, writing and being part of the media but they will also find interest in the occult, spirituality and mysticism. The creative part comes due to the dispositor of Jupiter. The occult part is due to nakshatra lord Ketu in the spiritual sign of Pisces and in the 8th house of the occult.

These two things will be the major highlight of the 16 years. But there will be different timing as to when such events will trigger their maximum juice. When the person runs into the MD of Jupiter and AD of Ketu they will suddenly fall in love with the darker side of life, especially occult science. But we must not forget that Jupiter will bring his own quality into play and will make the native act more like a teacher, guru or advisor.

Jupiter will also activate the situation related to the house he rules which are the 5th and 8th houses for Leo ascendant. What is a Prayantar Dasha? We will refer to Prayantar Dasha as PD to make things easier. PD is known as the sub-sub period within a MD. MD is about the overall period cycle, AD narrows the time down to months and PD shows the initiation of the event that is to happen. Through this method a well qualified astrologer can see that within a 2 to 4 month time period you may get a surgery, accident, have a child, get married or go for a higher education.

All the basic necessities of life can be predicted through this including when really bad things happen as in someone being raped, murdered, or killed. We can see the general conception of the event if the person is going through MD of Sun, AD of Mars and PD of Jupiter that in such time a person may either get a surgery, or get a sudden windfall of wealth through real estate and in-laws. By the first glance at the horoscope we as astrologers feel that something related to major transformation. What we want to figure out is will this even be good, neutral or bad?

In such case we use, dispositors, naksahtra, pada, and varga charts divisional charts , Since we are mainly dealing with a time period related to 1st, 4th, 5th, 8th and 9th houses, we will glance at the D16, D24, D30, and yes, the D9 chart. Why D4? D4 is the chart related to home, D24 relates to education, D30 relates to diseases and misfortune and D9 tells us the strength of the D1 planets.

Sounds complicated? By the end of this book you should have a pretty good idea about how the timing system works. What are Sookshma Dashas and Prana Dashas? If Jupiter is a 15 year period, the AD in Jupiter is a 2. Who uses MD-PD system? There are few astrologers that use these, and yes, it's not easy to predict the exact time of the event, at least not for me.

It will probably take me another 20 years to master the SD and PD system. Do you need to know this right now? As a beginner you will be perfectly okay with the first. I have not touched upon this part of astrology on my youtube channel yet but I will be discussing a lot of things on it.

Look up or look down?

This is a yearly chart that is created by looking at the position of the Sun and Moon. When the Sun and Moon are the exact same distance in the same sign, same degrees, as they were when you were born, during that exact moment every year the chart is casted. This concept is known as Tithi Udday. This chart can show what will be the focal point in your life, will it be marriage, relationship, career, wealth, family, property, health, travel etc. The simple way to study the chart is see which "day" the chart is casted; was it a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday etc.. Who is the lord of that day then see the placement of that planet in the chart.

You need to see where the ascendant lord of this chart is sitting; this will show the focus point for the native. Look at which house the mahadasha planet is sitting in. This will show how the MD planet will manifest that particular year for the position it originally rules in your birth chart. Sun MD of 6 years: When a person runs into a Sun MD many things change within a person's personality, persona and soul.

The basic point is that the Sun wants to put the native in an authoritative position or come into contact with authoritative people including government officials. In this period things related to the father suddenly come to the forefront including family lineages. The Sun is our confidence, prestige and power; but all this can also be reversed depending upon the sun's condition.

If the Sun is in Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, or Capricorn the person will find themselves in the positive side of the dasha. The main theme of the Sun is the boost of ego and pride. One feels close to their homeland and to issues of social well fair and politics of their home country. There is a need to service the public during this period. If you want to see whether the sun is really good, really bad or neutral for the native regarding career affairs then look at the D10 chart and the Sun's position therein. In matters of children look at the D7 chart. Regarding marriage and spiritual progress look at D9 and D20 chart.

If there is an issue regarding property look at the D16 chart. For wealth, look to the D2 chart. Understand that a debilitated Sun in the main rashi chart shows how we react to certain things. Debilitated Sun at 20 degrees in the ascendant will give low confidence and lots of doubt within a person, but since Sun is exalted in the D9 chart, matters related to marriage and relationship will actually fair well. Just because we feel low about ourselves during a 6 year period of the Sun, doesn't mean its all bad.

We still end up getting some benefits from other aspects of life which are seen through divisional charts. In a bad Sun period the father or father like figures might pass away if in the D12 chart the Sun is badly placed Or the father may fall ill or might get laid off; many things can happen. Yet you as an individual may be getting progress in your life because your Sun might be exalted in the D10 chart and well placed in a kendra.

In its 10 year period one becomes more sensitive, receptive, emotional, and closer to home. Issues or things related to the Mother and motherhood also become important, even for a man. In this period one is emotionally closer to family, home, and becomes more needy of creating a family. No matter what the persons career, even a President of a country, they would be more involved in "domestic" affairs than foreign affairs.

Most people who live in foreign lands and go through the time period of the Moon tend to become closer to home and homeland and may even get home sick. I remember in all my antar dashas of the Moon when I was. I wanted to be near my family and friends and couldn't stand the concrete jungle. This is the time when a man or woman wants to create a family, home, and serve the mother. Moon being the karaka of travel can also cause one to do quite a bit of traveling due to emotional fulfillment.

Moon MDs can also show psychological matters coming to the surface including depression or perhaps suicidal thoughts if the Moon is severally damaged in the horoscope. When the Moon is damaged anything related to it can suffer. This is why there are two sides to each MD. No matter what the cycle is, the Moon will give the same results as per his condition in the horoscope. Mars MD of 7 years: The Mars MD of 7 years makes a person aggressive, competitive, face obstacles, and defeat those obstacles while at the same time the person will be dealing with issues related to brothers and real estate.

One's discipline also rises during a Mars MD if Mars is strong. A person becomes extremely ambitious and in need to win in every opportunity. Such patterns can also cause great frustration and anger at times as patience is very low in the person. The need to take risk or in risky investments also becomes the shining issue. Whether in youth or in old age one also loves to compete in sports and do physical exercises. Mars is all about attaining power and things for survival. As a solider Mars simply wants to accumulate things that will help him keep going in rough times.

They feel like they must have things to protect them; whether it's buying guns, knives, land, or simply basic clothing and food. If Mars is in the 3rd, 6th, or 12th house then one will be getting into quarrels and fights with enemies and be part of a bad group. When Mars is active one tends to have fire within them which can. This can be especially so if Mars is in pitta dosha, as in too much fire energy.

This is a great time for people who want to join the Navy, Army, or Air Force. Rahu MD of 18 Years: Now here is the planet of misdirection, disillusion, impulsiveness, unnecessary fear, and extravagance. Rahu is mainly known as a natural malefic planet. Rahu is all about taking the native into a direction he or she didn't choose but by creating a mirage which shows the destiny. A person wanting to be a successful financial broker may end up doing things illegally even though he or she didn't intend to, but this is hardly the case unless Rahu creates an arishta yoga yoga of misfortune.

Most of the time Rahu MD makes a person innovative, original, and doing things outside the box. The energy of Rahu makes a person want to break rules and expand to new horizons. This also brings great needs for lavish and material wealth. One is attracted to cars, motorcycles, big houses and everything big. Rahu is like Jupiter, where Jupiter expands Rahu explodes. Imagine a balloon slowly being blown up by a mouthbut Rahu is inflating that balloon in less than a second.