Ashtamangala prasna astrology

The astrologer then fixes a date for the Prasna based on the principles of electional astrology. The services of two astrologers are required for conducting the Prasna.

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On the day fixed for the Prasna, a priest would perform a puja of the zodiac. During that time the main astrologer would ask a girl or boy to keep the gold coin randomly in one of the twelve houses drawn on a wooden plank placed before the astrologer.

Interpreting eclipses

Based on the house in which the coin was placed and on certain numbers computed during the process, the question-answer session begins. The full session may extend up to two days. After full diagnosis, remedial measures are finalized on the last day of Prasna. A person for performing the remedial measures is also finalized.

Ashtamangala Prasna

The main astrologer prepares a report mentioning all the relevant facts and details of remedial measures. Remedial measures are arranged according to the availability of the designated person and suitability of the persons conducting the Prasna. Ashtamangala prasna uses not only omens but a lot of numerology also. One important component of the initial stages of the prasna process is the determination of the Ashtamangala number. The instrument for deriving these are cowry shells which have been specially selected, cleaned, sanctified.

Ashtamangala Deva Prasna Specialized System of Prashna From Kerala 1

For prasna, cowries are used. The astrologer first touches the cowries while meditating on his mantra and asking for spiritual guidance. Then the astrologer randomly divides the shells into three piles. The astrologer then goes to each pile of cowries and counts off multiples of eight and keeps the remainder; if the remainder is zero then eight cowries are retained. A three digit number is obtained this way and it is the Ashtamangala number of the prasna.

The digits are supposed to be indicative of the past, present and future respectfully from left to right. Odd numbers are considered good, even numbers bad. Ashtamangala Prasna is used to ascertain the unknown causes of unwelcome situations and to plan remedial actions in the life of individuals and also of families. The same process when applied in the context of the life of Hindu places of worship is known as Ashtamangala Deva Prasna.

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