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For decades, people have misunderstood KSK's words on gems and fate and destiny. Here is one scanned page from Astrology and Athrishta, Jan issue Page 46 where KSK has suggested not only gems but also other means of planetary propitiations. Even a blind can see it now. I am not converting your belief. You can still continue believing that gems dont change lives.

Continue in your belief. Your belief is your responsibility. What you will become is what you believe in. Sunday, May 1, Choose your astrological Guru carefully. Arjuna became the best warrior because his Guru was the great Dronacharya, who himself was a gifted and talented person. Raman became as great astrologer of India because his own grandfather, a great astrologer himself was his guru. Kanchi Kamakoti holy seer.

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His astrological guru was the great poet Kavi Sundaresa Sarma. One of my own guru late P. Punneswara Rao ji was the disciple of late V,B. Sarma ji of Warangal who himself was the direct student of KSK ji. Many such examples can be given where a person has become great because he was trained well by a good guru. So, choose your guru carefully. Do you want to choose some high school drop-out who have never read any Shastras, does not believe in sane principles of astrology such as retrogression, is himself led by a mlechha who has not read more than half a dozen books only?

Do you want to be led by such a person who is jealous of others success, creates secret group to malign and badmouth others, who expels people from his group because they question him or the disagree with him? Do you want to be led by a guru who uses abusive and foul language? Who is a real Astrologer Guru? Worshipping Sun god is compulsory for any Astrologer. Then only it is possible to get a deep knowledge in Astrology. In the morning, the Astrologer should look into the almanac Panchag and decide the thithi lunar day , vaara day of the week , nakshatra constellation , yoga combination of sun and moon and karana half part of a thithi.

Ganiteshu praveenoyaha sabda sastre krutasramaha Nyaayavidh buddhimaan desa dikkaalajno jitendriyaha An Astrologer should be able to make calculations of planetary positions and horoscope on his own.

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Now-a-days, the so-called Astrologers cannot do these calculations. An Astrologer should put his senses under control by avoiding non-vegetarian food, junk food, liquors, smoking and womanizing etc. Such abnormalities of skin pigmentation are often evident by Neurofibromatosis, a rare one year of age and tend to increase in size and number over time. Lets first understand what is this disease The purpose of this blog is to share the insights of Krishnapurthy Paddhati in Astrology and Vedic Astrolo February 2.

January 2. Contributors Nitin. Subscribe To Posts. Major diseases in Jataka's life are analysed from 6th house in Birth chart. In the above chart 6th house Total Visits sub-lord is Rahu, which itself is a malefic planet. Rahu is placed in 11th house with close conjunction of Neptune and Uranus. Venus in conjunction with Mars fiery planet in 6th house. Mars also denotes operation. This Jataka was operated for tumor growth in Groin area in july Rahu is in Dhanu Rasi whose lord is Jupitor. Jupitor is a large planet hence denotes, growth in any result.

In question of disease, it denotes cancer like conditions, abnormal growth of tissues, tumor, warts, lumps, swelling. Jupitor is again placed in 6th house in Cancer Rasi. Mercury is again placed in 6th house nervous disorder with its rasi's in 5th and 8th A visitor from San Francisco, California house.

Mercury is in conjunction with Venus and Mars. Saturn is in direct opposition of Sun. This yoga is called dayvisitor from 4 hours agoCorona, New York arrived from google.

It needs some patience and a very detailed analysis of the chart, to understand these. Astrology can be used to confirm the disease and possible method of medications can also be suggested When? A visitor from New York arrived from google. Astrology cannot replace ago Real-time view Get Feedjit the medicinal science, but can aid it.

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Home Older Posts. If you wish to use any of the content in your articles in any electronic, digital or print media, send mail to us at kpastro. All content copyright of kpastro. Watermark theme. We must check the karaks of the Query if present in the Ruling planets. What does Ruling Planets RP means. If you notice at the time of judgement these were Jupiter, Mars, Mercury and Jupiter again. Rahu should be bracketed with Jupiter and not Mars I made a typo mistake in the morning , because Rahu is posited in the sign of Jupiter.

I also made one more typo in the morning. Instead of Venus in the RP's write Mercury. I am in the habit of writing symbols instead of the words of Planets and the symbol of Venus and Mercury is nearly same except for the crown on top for Mercury, so while writing my mail today morning in half sleep I made a mistake. Okay now we have the planets as RP's. Jupiter, Mars, Mercury Jupiter and Rahu. Mars and Rahu appearing in the RP's shows the connection of Electricity and that the event we are looking for, would happen or take place.

Saturn not appearing in the RP's shows that too much of delay must not be expected. Jupiter 2 times and Lagna at time of judgement being Pisces itself gives us the clue that the event shoulkd take place within the period of the Lagna Pisces remaining. Now all one has to do is check the equations. We all know that The Lagna has a certain degree which keeps moving ahead, and so does the Star Lord of the ascendant keeps changing. Now in KP there is one more addition to this equation which is known as the Sub lord.

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Now the equations stand as under in Pisces. The sign Pisces has 3 constellations in it , the first owned byJupiter upto 3. Since Jupiter period has already been crossed over, and Saturn does not appear in the RP's, while Mercury does, I knew that the Light has to come in any case within the Pisces Lagna period. Now when?

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  • The Pisces ascendant attains the Mercury constellation when it reaches So here I got the first part required for my Prediction completed. Now remained narrowing down the prediction to the exact time. For this I had to look for the SubLords. I figured that from