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By noted Astrologer Michael Thiessen. You may not always make as much sense as you think, and could be misunderstood since you are speaking in a rather emotional way. Watch you are not getting too close to subjects to be able to see them clearly. You may be taking too narrow a view of one situation, selecting some facts and ignoring others for no reason.

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Sort out your priorities and decide what really is of value to you. You might be tempted to think that money is the only thing that matters. You are making it your business to know everything about everybody, since you want to have all the necessary facts at your disposal. When you stand still you will be equally good at giving reassuring support in return.

You will come across as emotionally sensitive though very restless.

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You will be unduly sensitive, which will make you jangled or just confused at times. Your thinking is directed to whatever has a practical purpose. Others may carp about your slowness but you know it is vital to get everything right. Close companions do seem to be on a different agenda.

Treat it as a chance for space.

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Your boredom threshold is low, so you may jump into action just to avoid the tedious process of making considered decisions. You will gain a great deal of encouragement from your friends. This is your time to set the agenda for the next 28 days and they can help you sort out your options.

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You may be feeling too sensitive on one score and interpret as criticisms things that others say which were never meant to hurt. So, do what suits the influential people at work or out in your community. Cater for their needs, not your own, and then you will get all the compliments you want.

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  8. You have a sharp, fast-moving mind now with Mercury in the inventive area of your chart. Remember to write things down since you can be absent-minded, forgetting your brilliant inspirations as soon as you have them. In a restless mood, you want to be anywhere other than where you are. But if you are stuck in the one place, go talk to more adventurous people, find some stretching book to read. You want to know the common sense reasons for doing everything, and get irritated by workmates who are prone to flights of fancy.