Horoscope sign 21 december

As friends or intimates, they are unnervingly frank, but often sensitive to the deeper dimensions, too, and are sympathetic. The best of the Scorpio and Sagittarius is a generous spirit that sees into your soul.

Love and Compatibility for December 21 Zodiac

She knows things, like your weaknesses, but has the heart not to use it against you. The Scorpio-Sagittarius cusp is one of water and fire , and these are normally contradictory elements.

Scorpio is a water sign known for its intensity, which is also a top fire sign trait. Scorpio's traditional ruler is Mars , the red planet of vitality and action. Scorpio's modern ruler is Pluto , known for its signature traits of psychic sleuthing, and getting to the heart of the matter. Many who fall within the Sagittarius house talk of doing shadow work, but that doesn't mean they have gone through the changes of the psyche that this requires. There's a sense of dying and being reborn when new revelations come to light.

The revelatory gifts of both Scorpio and Sagittarius meet, and the result is often a character with an obsession to get to the bottom of things and share that knowledge with others. They see into power machinations and have the bluntness to call them out. The Sagittarius philosopher meets the Scorpio psychic detective in this cusp. They both have a special talent for telling it like it is and in a matter-of-fact way.

They're the friends who tell you the truth, not what they know you want to hear. The confidence of the Scorpio-Sagittarius cusper comes from trusting life, by surrendering to these revelatory changes.

The Sagittarius-Capricorn Cusp

They gain trust in their ability to put their intensity in service to a cause or vision. However, they have an ability to be happy exaggerating a bit when they tell, which they love to do. Sagittarius loves to said motion and freedom. Exercise, travel is the shooter's melody, and they love nature and the forest where they can feel free and galloping up on horseback, jog with the dog or just strolling in the woods.

December 21 Zodiac

Sagittarians are happy and very entertaining and they love to socialize and meet new people. They are warm-hearted, generous and share generously with others and their enthusiasm and ability to inspire allows them to get others to be happy and helped. When the love is so enjoying the shooter of the adventure to hunt and when a relationship is a fact makes the shooter everything to keep the excitement and spice in the relationship, can not it get tired shooter quickly and embark on new adventures.

As a partner to a shooter, it will be festive and glam and ever-changing adventure. But be prepared straight shooter and sometimes tactless manner and never try to tie your gunner.

Sabian Symbol

Suitable careers: Any where a well-developed intellect will be useful, for example. Teachers, lawyers, priest, philosopher, writer, or professions related to animals and nature.

Sensitive body part: Hips and thighs. Good review Optimistic and positive Honest and sincere philosophical and intellectual Freedom-loving, and often jealous Enjoys outdoor activities Likes to travel. Overly optimistic and credulous Careless and clumsy Tactless to say what it thinks Can be flirtatious and unfaithful Irresponsible and restless Easy to exaggerate. We can expect a busy year with quick victories, unexpected adventures and surprising romance. It is also a perfect year for travel or to change and improve.

Then the lovers Mars and Venus both will have a retrograde orbit during the year will the first few months are likely to be crucial for many relationships. Unexpected romances can occur, as a need to change or compromise in ongoing relationships. Read more about Horoscope - Yearly horoscope See all articles by Astroguide. Welcome to the Black Water Serpent in Last year was a yang year of the dragon character and this year expecting an exciting Yin years in the snake's character. The snake is an enigmatic character but if handled correctly, it is a very positive sign, filled with strength that will help us meet the challenges ahead.

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