Astrology 20 october 2019

This element works alongside Earth, Water, and Fire to enhance the quality of your life. October 20 zodiac people are on the Libra-Scorpio Astrological Cusp. We refer to this as the Cusp of Drama and Criticism.

October 20 Birthday Horoscope

The planets Venus and Pluto have a major role to play in the lives of these Cuspers. Venus has a direct influence on Libra, while Pluto is in charge of your Scorpio personality. The impact of these two celestial bodies on your life is quite great. For example, you exude such qualities as beauty, romance, and justice because of the planet Venus. As the planet of the goddess, Venus plays an important role in how you view right from wrong. For you, everything is in black and white. There are no gray areas. On the other hand, Pluto is more mysterious and intimidating.

It reflects the true spirit of Scorpio. Form this planet; you receive such qualities as observation, intelligence, and bluntness. The Cusp of Drama and Criticism has much influence on your financial direction.

October 12222 monthly horoscope

You are keen to deal with money directly. You are not afraid to look for it from all corners. Your astrological chart indicates that you are concerned with your looks and beauty. This is good, as you will always look younger than your real age. October 20 zodiac people are very dependable as lovers. This is unique, as we cannot say the same about most other people.

Affectionate, trustworthy, and attractive people have a special place in your heart. This is because they reflect who you are as a person. You find it easy to interact with them. In the same way, they understand your robust personality. Being a gentle lover, you often come across as circumspect. But, above all, you are very honest in your dealings with your partners. Again, this is a unique thing, as not many people have this quality. This means that you will enjoy longer and happier relationships.

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This is especially when you meet a lover with whom you are compatible. As a family person, you are very dedicated. You are willing to forego your own comfort and happiness for the sake of your loved ones. Indeed, your greatest desire is to ensure that they all achieve their dreams. All indicators are that you will marry when you meet your right partner.

OCTOBER 20 ZODIAC – Ultimate Guide to Birthday Horoscope – ZODIAC

This is someone born under the Gemini, Aquarius, and Libra zodiac signs. Your compatibility level with these natives is very high.

The planetary alignment strongly warns against your romantic involvement with an Aries. Such an engagement would not stand the test of time. We strongly advise against it! October 20 zodiac people work very well in teams. This is because you are good communicators. Moreover, you treat others with the respect and decorum they deserve. This means that people tend to reciprocate your concern for them. As such, your team performs spectacularly well in all your engagements. Those born on October 20 are very good at charity work.

Your love and concern for humanity can be seen in the number of humanitarian projects you engage in. When you are not out there saving your community, you love to relax and enjoy nature. Indeed, one of your favorite pastimes is to visit recreational centers for a good time.

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This is good because as we say, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! All the same, you have a few weaknesses that you need to be wary of. These personality flaws are likely to stifle your growth if you do not attend to them in good time. For example, you tend to mistrust all ideas but your own.

Now, this is a major obstacle to the efficiency of your teams. Yes, your team is doing well. But, you can do better when you adjust to this area. But first, you have to sow. Today is not going to be easy, unless you thrive in conflict. But if you know you get easily triggered, better go to the gym today.

Or do long hours at the office. Mars opposite Uranus will make you want to speak your truth no matter what. But Sun square Saturn will make you overly critical and mean — toward yourself or others. As always, awareness is key.

There is always something to learn, there is always a silver lining. Venus enters Scorpio on October 8th.

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In Scorpio, Venus is not lovey-dovey. In Scorpio, Venus is passionate and intense. This is the first time Venus returns in Scorpio, after the dramatic Venus retrograde last year. Mars opposite Chiron will make you doubt your actions. You may feel unusually vulnerable. But if you dig into your vulnerability, you may discover something quite surprising about yourself. This Full Moon basically features a tense cardinal T-square with …no one else but Pluto at the apex.

This Full Moon is going to be dynamite! More details, closer to the date. Should you go for it, or should you stay doing what you know best? Mars wants you to take action, but every time the Nodes get involved, you are at crossroads. The Sun is going down. The world is ready for a metamorphosis. Welcome to Scorpio season! This New Moon is exactly opposite Uranus, so you can bet that the Scorpio lunar season will bring lots of changes. On October 31st, Mercury goes retrograde and is conjunct Venus at the same time. This Mercury retrograde will be all about Venus: love, relationship, money, values.

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